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▶️ How to Create and Use Notification Templates
▶️ How to Create and Use Notification Templates

Create and save push notifications as templates to use again later, or to set up scheduled pushes and sequences.

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Notification templates allow you to save a variety of pushes so you can use them again and again. You will also use templates to set up the Notification Scheduler and the Notification Sequences if you choose to use those features. First, let's learn how to create a notification template.

Getting Started

To get started, from your Team Dashboard, click on Notifications listed in your Quick Links.

You can also access Notifications by clicking on the three horizontal lines to the left of the logo at the top left corner.

When you click on the lines, the entire Dashboard Menu is displayed:

You'll now see the options there are to manage your notifications. Click on Templates – Manage Notification Templates.

You'll now see the list of templates for your account.

Creating a New Template

When you are ready to create a new template, click on the + New Template button.

You can create a template that will go to All of your users or one that will be sent only to free or Basic users or to your upgraded or Complete users.

In the video, Complete is selected for those upgraded users, and the message focuses on training available to them. Now create a Title for your template for your purposes only – your users will not see this title in the push notification. You can use 60 letters and spaces to identify the push – Congrats on Upgrading.

Next, type the Message you wish to send. To save the details of your new template, click on the Create Template button at the bottom of the page.

Note that when the Message is being typed, a widget on the right displays the message and how it will look to your users. Should you make changes to the message, the widget automatically shows you the revised message, giving you an accurate look of how the push will look to those who receive it.

When your message is set up, click on the Create Template button. Once you do that, you'll notice that the form expands to include Groups, a Button Text, Image, Link, or Video. Once you have updated the form to include all of these, you click on the Update Template button. Let's go over each element.

If you are using the Group notification feature, select whether to send the notification to All or to a group you've created (LEARN, in the example below). To learn more about this feature, see the article about Groups in the Knowledge Base.

TIP: Remember that whenever changes are made to the template, get in the habit of clicking on Update Template to save them.

Now that your new template has been saved, you can view what you've created and tweak the title and the message now if needed.

The next step to take is to create the Button Text. This text will appear on the button below the message you will be sending to your users. The default text is Close so that users will need to click on that to close the push notification.

Adding an Image

Next, you can add either an Image or a Video, but not both. Should you wish to add an image, it must meet our quality standards to be accepted: 1600x900 pixels; .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png. no text on the image. In the example on the video, the fireworks image was used to congratulate the user for upgrading.

Click on Select image in order to upload an image saved on your computer.

Once the image has been uploaded, click twice on the minus sign and then on the Crop Image button.

Once the image is being processed, click on Update Template. so that the change to the template is saved. As mentioned above, take this step with any change you make to your template.

Click on Reload the Page next to the URL to see the image.

Note that you will also see the image on the widget.

Inserting a Link

You can also insert a link to the button if you are using the push notification to send your users an external or a dynamic link. Add either type of link to the appropriate place on the form. If you would rather add an external link to your push than an image, copy and paste the link address under Link.

If you are adding a link, remember to change the Button Text. For instance, in the video the text was changed from Close to Check it out!

Note that the Button Text in the widget also changes.

Adding a Video

If you would rather add a video, you can do so in one of two ways. You can insert an .mp4 link or you can upload the actual video by clicking on the Select Video button. Please note that the video must meet these quality standards in order to be accepted: 720p/1080p; .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .flv, .mov, .m2v, .m4v, .mp4, .rm, .ram, .vob, .ogv, .webm, .wmv.

Since both an image and a video cannot be included in your push notification, click on Replace to delete the image. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to replace this image. Once you click on Delete, the image will disappear.

Viewing the Current Template

The widget will display what your users will see. Once everything is the way you like it, click on Update Template to save the notification in final form. Your template is now ready to use!

Click on All Templates at the bottom left of the screen to return to the main Templates page.

Managing Your Templates

Now you see all of your templates listed. Once you have created many of these, you will appreciate the sorting features. You can either search your template by the (1) title you created for it, or you can sort the templates by (2) Newest or by Oldest.

Next to each template, you'll see (3) icons: an eyeball, a paper airplane, and a trash bin.

Click on the Eyeball icon to view the template details page and make changes to the template – to the text, the link, or the image/video.

Clicking on the Paper Airplane icon gives you a preview of the notification so that you can see if there are any details you would like to tweak. When you click on the green Send button, this notification will be sent to your users.

Clicking on the Trash Bin icon allows you to delete a template which is no longer current or useful. Once you click on the red Delete button, the template will no longer be in your library.

There's one other icon available – a Calendar – found in-between the Quick Send and the Delete icons.

What this icon signifies is that a template has been set up for a scheduled push. The example in the video was created as a reminder for the Weekly Wednesday Zoom held at 12 PM on 3/16.

Read more about the Notification Scheduler by clicking on THIS LINK. A new video on Notification Sequences is COMING SOON!

Now you have learned how to create and use the notification templates. Take full advantage of this time-saving feature by using the templates you create to get the word out to your users without retyping them!

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