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▶️ How to Use the Notification Scheduler
▶️ How to Use the Notification Scheduler

Create pushes to be sent automatically in the future

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Use Business Glu to schedule pushes to fit the needs of your business. Easily manage your team communication by following these steps. This video and article will show you how to make the best use of Business Glu's notification scheduler.

In order for your push notifications to go out, you'll need to schedule them. First, when you log into your system, click on your Team Dashboard.

From your Team Dashboard, click on the Notifications button from the Quick Links list on the right of your screen.

You can also use your Team Dashboard Menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the upper left corner of the screen.

TIP: For future reference, when you are on the Notifications page and have clicked on one of the features, the Team Dashboard Menu then expands and now includes all of the options found on this page.

Once on the Notifications page, click on Schedule.

Now you will see how you can manage the scheduling of your notifications. Complete the form to schedule your push. First, create a Title for it (up to 30 characters, including spaces). Next, select a Template you'd like to use.

In this example, we'll call the notification "Going Live Soon" and select the 5 Min Warning template:

When you are setting up the Date and Time the notification should be sent out, be mindful of time zones. The way this is set, the notification is scheduled to be sent at 2:55 PM EST on March 9th.

Once you've got the details for the notification set up, click on Add to Schedule, and you'll see the day on your calendar highlighted with a dot to tell you that one notification has been scheduled for that day. Note that you can adjust the view of your calendar by Year, Month, Week, or Day. Using the Week view, for example, your calendar will indicate when you have a notification in green and a red slashed circle when nothing is scheduled.

Should you decide that you'd like to change the details of that scheduled notification, click on that day and scroll down until you find the title of your push. Click on it, and you'll see how the notification will look.

You'll also see the completed form to the left. You can make changes there – for example, changing the time to give your team a few more minutes before the FB Live airs.

If the FB Live is going to be postponed until the next day, click on Delete and the notification will not be sent out after you click Delete again.

That's all there is to it. Be sure to make the most of this feature by creating more Notification Templates. Check out the video and article on this to learn more.

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