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How to Get Started as a Leader with Business Glu
How to Get Started as a Leader with Business Glu

Everything you need to know to get started

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We've created this Getting Started guide to help you set up your Business Glu system and app, and then build on the basics.

Training to add your content, videos, links

Branding to add your brand's logo and coloring

Invite link to add your brand's logo and coloring
Invite Users via a branded sign up page or third-party integration
Push Portal for sending rich media pushes to your community and users
User Data for analyzing your users and their actions

Note: Need help along the way? We are here for you. Chat with our team or email us.

Upload Your Training Content (Total time: 15 minutes)

Connect with your users in real-time using the Business Glu app. Your users can start seeing your content in real-time.

You'll need:
MP4 videos, links to route you trainings to, and images for your training.

Set Up Your Branding (Total time: 5 minutes)

Update the system-wide branding to fit your brand. This replaces the Business Glu logo and colorization throughout the web and mobile app.

You'll need:
Your high resolution logo file.

Invites (Total time: 5 minutes)

Grow your team by inviting users to the app. You can invite your users by sharing your invite link, or by integrating the API provided in your account to your own pages/funnels.

You'll need:

No requirements here, though we do recommend loading at least some training content and setting up your branding before inviting users.

Push Notifications (Total time: 2 + minutes)

Work with your whole team by sending pushes straight to their phones/device. Communicate effectively using push notifications for updates, training, content, and more!

You'll need:
To have invited the user to your Business Glu app.

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