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▶️ How to Add a New Category and Training
▶️ How to Add a New Category and Training

Take these steps to create a new category of training for your team app in Business Glu from your leader/admin account

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Adding a New Category and Training to Your Team App

Check out this step-by-step video on how to add a new category and training videos and content to your team app as an Admin/leader account in Business Glu.

Creating a New Category

As an Admin or a Leader, log into your Business Glu account. Hover over your account icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and then click on Team Home.

Clicking on that button will take you to this screen:

Click on Manage Training to view the page with your current categories. Click on New Training to add a new category.

Typing Information about the Category

You'll then see the "Let's Get Started" page. Note that you can adjust the Account Type and add a Training Title and a Training Subtitle here. You can select All, Basic, or Complete as your Account Type. All means that users with a free account (Basic) or a paid account (Complete) can view this training.

In this example, the Account Type is All, the Title is Here's What's New!, and the Subtitle is Be sure to learn more about new features. Now click on Create Training.

Adding an Image to the Category

Once you have filled out this form and clicked on Create Training to fill in the remaining details about your training category, you'll be able to add an image to this new training category.

Primarily, select an Image that gets the attention of your user base. Do note that your image must meet these guidelines: 1600x900 pixels in one of these formats (jpg, jpeg, gif, or png) with no text on the image.

Cropping the Image

Once you've uploaded the image, click on the Minus Sign twice to get it to fit just right.

Here's the image before the two clicks:

Here's the image afterward:

You can adjust the framing of the image, by moving the rectangle. This image doesn't appear to need any adjusting.

Using Other Options for the Image

Note that you do have some other options shown by the icons below the image. Start over again by clicking on the Trash Can. Go back to the original design by clicking on the Clockwise Arrow. Enlarge the graphic with the Plus Sign or shrink it down with the Minus Sign. Play with it until you have it just right. Once you do, click on Crop Image.

You'll see a green note appear at the upper right-hand corner of your screen indicating that the Image was Saved. You'll also see a red Replace button has replaced the Crop Image button. Here are the results for this example:

You'll see some messages: #1 – We are processing this file. We will email you when this is complete. #2 – Please wait while this file finishes processing. #3 – Please create one lesson before publishing. So, we'll need to create a lesson before we can publish this category.

Adding a Lesson to the Training Category

To create a lesson, click on Manage Lessons. You will then see this screen:

PLEASE NOTE: Click HERE to read the article about how to create a lesson step-by-step.

Once you have created a lesson and published it, and you'll see this screen showing the one lesson.

Once you have saved and published your lesson, you can then go back to the category and click on Update Training. Now when you view your training modules, you'll see the new category added but it's in Draft Status:

Publishing the Category

Since you now have a lesson in this category, you can now publish the category. Click on the eyeball to be able to edit the category. Click on Update Training to add the published lesson. Now swipe the Publish button to the right.

When you see the green color under Publish, you'll know that your new category with its one lesson has been published and ready to be viewed by your user base:

Now you're ready to add more lessons to your new category. Nice work!

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