You can view your billing history, see a breakdown of your invoices, and manage your subscription plan by following these steps:

First, login to your account online, then hover your cursor over your profile avatar (initials) in the top-right corner.

Next, click on your Name & Email in the dropdown menu that appears.

Click the Update Subscription button in the Manage Subscription section.

You can click on the Billing History button to view your past subscription payments.

On the following page, use the Download buttons to download invoices for any of your past subscription payments. You can also use the Load More button to view your older subscription payments.

If you click the "back" arrow in the top-left corner at any time to return to the Subscription Details page, you can update your payment method from that screen by clicking on your Card Info. To view a breakdown of your subscription's invoice pricing, click on View breakdown.

Your billing breakdown will appear on the following screen so you can see any billing items included in your subscription plan's pricing.

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