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▶️ How to Use Notification Groups
▶️ How to Use Notification Groups

Setting up different categories for the messages sent out

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In the Business Glu app, leaders can set up different categories for the various messages they send to their team. For instance, you may periodically send out messages in various categories: training, updates for the team, or weekly live Zoom sessions.

Once you set up categories, your users would also have the ability to select the type of notifications which pertain to them, and filter the ones that do not. Note that filtered notifications will still be delivered to their account and visible to them in the app/web version – they just wouldn't get sounds/alerts for notifications from their filtered groups).

Getting Started

First log into your system and click on Team Dashboard.

Access your Team Dashboard Menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the upper left corner of the screen, and then clicking on Notifications:

Once you've clicked on Notifications, you'll see this screen. Click on Manage Notification Groups.

Creating a New Group

Once you see this screen, click on Add New Group:

You will now fill out the form describing the new group:

Type in a Title and write a Description for this new group, and then click on the Create Group button.

How to Use the Notification Groups

Once you have your group created, each time you send out a notification – whether you are using notification templates, you are creating a quick push, or even for the scheduled or sequence pushes – you can select the specific group to which it is assigned. That will allow your users to filter the messages by the various groups you have created.

An example is if you are offering two types of training. Perhaps some of your users are interested in one rather than in the other. Your users could select that group and get the push notifications about that particular training rather than the other one.

How to Set Up the Groups With Notification Templates

First, go back to your Dashboard and click on Templates.

Select one of your templates and click on the eyeball. You will now be in Edit mode. For the sake of this example, we've clicked on our Congrats on Updating template.

For this template, we're calling the group Weekly Zooms.

If you click on the arrow under Groups, you can also select one of the other groups you have created:

Note: You can also set up the group when you first create a template.

Once the form has been completed, click on Update Template.

Now the "Weekly Zooms" group has been added to the Congrats on Upgrading template. Because this templated message has been assigned to the group, any time this Congrats on Upgrading template is used to create a quick push, a scheduled push, or a sequence push, that new message will be assigned to the Weekly Zoom group. Those users who have selected that group of messages will then be sent the push.

You can always go in and modify the group name or delete it. All you need to do is to click on the eyeball for that template and make the changes on the form. Remember to click on Update Template, and you'll be set.

Now you know how to add a group to one of your templates, you have learned yet another way to manage your templates. As you'll discover, when you use the Notification Groups feature, there are benefits for both you and your team.

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