In the Business Glu app, leaders can embed Dynamic Links in their training modules or in their push notifications. Team members with a Complete account have the ability to replace the default Dynamic Links with their own personal links/URLs. When that's done, the team member's referrals will land on their personal links/URLs whenever the referrals click on the embedded Dynamic Link.

Getting Started

First log into your system and click on Team Dashboard.

Access your Team Dashboard Menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the upper left corner of the screen, and then clicking on Dynamic Links:

Setting Up a Dynamic Link

Once you've clicked on Dynamic Links from your Team Dashboard, you'll see this screen:

First you'll want to create a new dynamic link. Click on the + New Link button to see this form:

This form is for your purposes only. Your team will not see this; it's merely to organize your dynamic links.

Let's now complete the form. Create a title for this dynamic link – a title that will make it easy for you to find once your library of dynamic links has grown. Let's say we're going to create a link to your Calendly booking page, so we'll call this dynamic link "Your Calendly Link." Write a description for this link, and then paste your default link into the space available.

Note that to the right of the form, you'll see the Business Glu WYSIWYG showing you what your Complete users will see (minus the creation date):

Once you have created the title, written a description, and pasted the default link into the form, click on Update Link.

That link will then be listed with the other links you have created. Notice that there are two icons to the right of the information you provided about the link – an eyeball and a trash bin.

Making Changes to a Dynamic Link

To make changes to a saved dynamic link, click on the first icon the Eyeball. When you click on it, you'll be taken back to the form. Should you wish to make any changes either to the title, the description, or the link, you can do that and then click on Update Link.

The second icon is the Trash Bin. Should you wish to delete that dynamic link from your list, merely click on that. You'll be given a second chance to change your mind. If you are certain that you will no longer be needing that dynamic link, click on Delete.

Finding a Dynamic Link

Once you have several dynamic links, you can search through the list to find one in particular. Begin typing the name or part of the name of the link, and it will appear. In this case, Calendly was typed in, and the information about the Dynamic Link was displayed:

Making Changes to Your List of Dynamic Links

You can rearrange the links in one of two ways. You can move the links up or down to list them in an order which is convenient for you. Just click on one and drag into the position where you would like it to be.

You can also list your links chronologically, according to when you created. Click on the arrow to the right of Order:

and click on Newest or Oldest. The list will be rearranged accordingly.

Now you've learned how to create Dynamic Links and to manage your list of these links. Embed these links into your training sessions or your push notifications, so that your Complete team members have the option to direct their referrals to their personal links. NOTE that if a Complete user does not set up each of the Dynamic Links in their own account, their referrals would simply land on the default link you entered when creating that Dynamic Link.

Dynamic links – yet another way to communicate and empower your team with the Business Glu app!

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