There are two ways you can invite people to download your app: (1) by sharing your Invite Link, or (2) by integrating an API (webhook).

Sharing Your Link with Copy/Paste

When you share your link, users can sign up directly through that link. Let's look at the steps to take to share your link with others.

First, log in to your Business Glu account and hover over your name/avatar in the top right corner. This menu will appear.

Click on Team Dashboard from the top navigation, and you'll see this screen. Open the Invite Link.

A popup will appear with your Invite Links. Click on the Copy icon.

Once you clip the Copy icon, it will become a green button with a checkmark.

When you share this link with new users, they will see your branded page with your set logo and colors. This allows users to create accounts to access your app.

Once users complete the steps to creating their accounts, they will instantly get access to your system and app.

Sharing Your Link Using a Webhook (API)

When integrating an API for your invite, you use your existing landing page or one of your funnels. This API option allows you to generate URLs for integration with Zapier, ClickFunnels, or anywhere that you can install an API/webhook into a page form.

When you integrate an API for your Business Glu Invite, your user's information will be forwarded directly to Business Glu from the platform you are using. Business Glu will then send an email out to them on your behalf inviting them to sign up for your app – all done right from your own page! This allows your users to initiate their signup right from your own page rather than having to share your invite link with them directly.

In your Business Glu account, hover over your name/avatar in the top right corner, and this menu will appear.

Click on Team Dashboard from the top navigation. Once there, click on the Menu bars.

You'll see the menu below. Now click on API.

You will now see the Business Glu API box. Click on Invite Users in the Users box.

Once you click on Invite Users, you will see the various API options you can use to integrate with your landing pages or funnels This screen displays options for Zapier, ClickFunnels, and even a Custom option if you would like to integrate an API into one of your forms in a different platform.

Click on the Invite button for whichever option you'll be using. For instance, if you click on Zapier, the following screen will provide the API for your Invite Link.

You can then copy your API by clicking on the small icon shown just to the right of your API's URL. Once you copy the URL, the icon will become a green button with a checkmark.

PLEASE NOTE: You can find instructions/tips for integrating your webhook with the platform you selected in the route Requirements section found just above your API's URL on that screen as well.

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