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▶️ How the Lead Rotator Works
▶️ How the Lead Rotator Works

For Use with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Team Leaders and Upgraded Team Members

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The Lead Rotator feature is available to you when you've got the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) side of the Business Glu app, allowing you to send leads to those on your team or in your downline. The Lead Rotator is available to both Team Admins/Leaders, and to upgraded Team Members as well. Check out the details about how the Lead Rotator works in the video below.

Purpose of the Lead Rotator

The Lead Rotator allows you to deliver leads that are generated in your own pages to other Business Glu users' accounts either on your team or in your downline. Basically, you are sharing the leads generated on your personalized page to others. The Lead Rotator evenly distributes the leads in a round robin type of rotation – sending each new lead to the next person on your list of team members that you've added (also called Rotator Users).

Getting Started

To get started with the Lead Rotator, click on the PAGES icon.

Once you click on that icon, you will see your own personalized versions of any pages which your Team Admins/Leaders have made available to the team.

To get the Lead Rotator set up, click the Lead Rotator button.

Here you'll see the list of your Rotator Users, each one represented by his or her email address. Click on the + sign to add someone into your rotator.

Type in the new Rotator User's account email address, and click on the gray checkmark or hit the enter key.

Once the system has verified that the person is a Business Glu user, you'll see the GREEN button (#1) with the icon of a person and a checkmark. This new Rotator User will now be able to receive leads.

You can also remove a person from your rotator by clicking the RED button (#2) with the trash can icon.

The number in the GRAY column (#3) displays the number of leads that particular user has been sent so far. For instance, the first user listed here has been sent 2 leads.

Sharing Leads

Now that a new Rotator User has been added, you are ready to share leads with that person. Any leads generated from your page will be sent to whoever is next in line from your list of Rotator Users.

To use/share your page in order to start generating leads, go back to the PAGES section, and click the Share button. Your page will open up in a new tab or window inside your browser. Simply copy/paste your page URL from there, and promote/post/share that link wherever you plan to generate your leads.

When a new lead opts-in on your page, the next Rotator User in the cycle will get receive that lead inside the Leads section of their account. A push notification will get sent to their phone in real-time through the mobile app whenever they receive a new lead. Your Rotator Users can check out their new lead and will be ready to call, text, or email the lead right from the app in seconds flat!

Example of Rotation

In the example from this article, Rotator Users #1 and #2 were added first. The page was shared, and three leads were generated from the page originally. Because there were only two users in the rotator at that time, those three leads were delivered to the Rotator Users in this order: User #1 >> User #2 >> User #1.

[TOTALS: User #1 = 2 leads | User #2 = 1 lead]

The account holder then added Rotator User #3. Two more leads were generated from the page later on. Because Rotator User #1 received the previous lead, those two new leads were delivered in this order: User #2 >> User #3.

[TOTALS: User #1 = 2 leads | User #2 = 2leads | User #3 = 1 lead]

Next, before any more leads were generated from the page, the account holder added Rotator User #4. Now because User #3 had received the previous lead, and because the account holder just added Rotator User #4 BEFORE any new leads were generated, the very next lead that was generated later on was delivered to Rotator User #4.

[TOTALS: User #1 = 2 leads | User #2 = 2leads | User #3 = 1 lead | User #4 = 1 lead]

Team members will get a push notification to their mobile app, alerting them that they've been assigned a lead. Viewing and contacting the lead will be as quick and easy as a few simple taps of the phone screen. So, now this new Rotator User is ready to start reaching out to new leads and making big things happen!

As mentioned before, this feature can be used by both Team Admins/Leads AND by "Complete" Users (or "Upgraded" Users) to get leads to their team / downline and help them grow. It's a great feature to generate some leads, get your team members busy in the app, give them some people to contact, and to continue to scale together. Put this Lead Rotator feature to good use to build your team and your business!

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