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▶️ How to Add Video Training to Business Glu using Vimeo
▶️ How to Add Video Training to Business Glu using Vimeo

Learn the steps to pull a video file link as an mp4 from your Vimeo Pro account

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Pulling and Adding an mp4 link from Vimeo to Business Glu

In this quick video, learn the steps to find and copy an mp4 video file link from your Vimeo Pro account. Also, see how to add the video and save it in Business Glu for your web and mobile app.

Pulling the Video from Your Vimeo Pro Account

First, login to your Vimeo Pro account. Head to the video you'd like the mp4 for.

Next, click on the video and then click on Advanced.

And then click on Distribution > Video file links > Copy link. Click on the High def mp4 link as shown.

Adding the mp4 Video to Business Glu

Head back to your Business Glu leader/admin account and login. Go to the top right icon and hover, click on Team Dashboard.

Then click on Training.

Now go to the training section where you would like to add the video by clicking on the Manage Training Courses button.

Scroll to the course you'd like to add the video or update it. In this example, we would click on Success Stories and then on the eyeball.

Once that screen opens, click on the Manage Lessons button to view all of the lessons that are part of that particular course.

Select the lesson and click on the eyeball. In our example here, we want to add the video to the Meet Sid Peddinti lesson.

First, scroll down to the Lesson Type section (1) and paste the mp4 in the video field (2). Click on Update Lesson to save (3). Your mp4 is now saved and in your team app with Business Glu. If you've set it to Publish (4), then the video is now live for your users to watch on the web and mobile app. Once you have done that, click on All Lessons (5) to go back to the course and all of the lessons.

You've now completed your task! Have any questions along the way? Reach out to our team.

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