This video and article will show you how to learn more about the users of your team app in Business Glu.

First, login to your Business Glu admin account.

Hover over the account designation (your initials) at the top right-corner of the navigation bar.

You will see four options in Admin:

Team Home, Change Teams, Help, and Logout.

Click on Team Home.

You'll then see a box called Users. Now click on the link to View User Details.

Here you will see important details about your system.

This Demo system has a total of five users and you can see when they were added – in the past seven days and those added today.

You can also how many of these users have installed the app on their phones. This is a significant number, since you'll want to send push notifications to their phones. The next number gives you the app install rate.

Let's take a look at the details about the 5 users on this Demo System.

The green dot in the Onboarded column on the left of the table lets you know that a user has signed up and logged into the Web version of your system using their computer.

The Downloaded App section has an icon that turns green when a user has logged into the mobile app and now has a token stored. That user can now receive your push notifications on their phone. If the phone icon shows red, the user has not yet logged in to the mobile app.

On the User Page, you can search for a particular user by typing the person's name in the search bar. In this example, typing in Kevin displays the information about that user.

This search would list all users with the name of Kevin. In the Demo System, one appears.

Clicking on the eyeball icon to the right displays more details about a user. In this case, look at the details about Joel Kellman:

This user is Admin; other users would be marked with an X in a red circle. Note that we can now see the contact information about this user, the Sign Up Date, the Account Type, and the Username.

For a non-Admin user, you can click on the Training button to see what lessons have been completed. In the case below, the user has completed the Learn How and Why lesson.

Clicking on the Edit button to the right of the User information allows you to make changes to the User's profile.

Here you can make a user Admin or change his or her Username.

Click on Update to save the changes to the User Profile.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful about using the toggle switch to make someone Admin, since that person will have edit access and control of your whole system. Admin can delete users by clicking on the trashcan next to the User's information.

By the way, Admin will get a message asking if you meant to delete a user, and if you didn't, be sure to click on the red Cancel button.

Any users who are deleted will not be able to log in and see your content.

Have any questions about team users or viewing data and their progress in the app? Reach out to us for Support.

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