When you first subscribe to Business Glu, you selected your plan. If you want to make changes to your subscription, here are the steps to take.

First, log in to your Business Glu account either on the web or desktop.

Click on the ACCOUNT button found on the toolbar at the top of your screen:

Now click on Subscriptions to manage your subscription.

You will then see the current information about your subscription.

To change the information related to your current credit card, click on Payment Methods. Once you have entered the details about your new credit card, click on Update.

To see your Billing History, click on that link.

To download a copy of the invoice for that charge, click on Download. You will then see a PDF of the invoice in the lower left of your screen. Click on that to view the invoice.

Want to change your plan from monthly to annual? Reach out to our Support Team, and they'll help you out.

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