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▶️ Real Results Testimonial with Adam and Ashleigh Reeker (3LE)
▶️ Real Results Testimonial with Adam and Ashleigh Reeker (3LE)

How the Reekers use Business Glu to automate their training

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Business Glu helps the Reekers run their business seamlessly. With two clicks of a button, new training sessions are uploaded and are live in their system. Click on the video to learn more.

Using Business Glu with their Team

The Reekers can notify their team on their phone app when new training is ready.

It’s easy for their team to log in, take the training, and remain current, all on their mobile device. As the Reekers have discovered, their business is now duplicatable, thanks to Business Glu.

As Adam says, “If you’re not using this system right now, you’re missing out.” And because of Business Glu and its easy automation, Adam and Ashleigh have the time to take care of puppy dog Kevin. Hopefully now there will no longer be any chewed up shoes in the Reeker’s closet!

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