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▶️ Real Results Testimonial with Sid Peddinti
▶️ Real Results Testimonial with Sid Peddinti

How Sid Peddinti uses Business Glu to help clients in over 300 industries

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Sid Peddinti uses Business Glu to help clients in over 300 industries launch educational platforms that have been funded with grants from corporations. Click on the video to learn more.

Using a Training Platform

Those who wish to serve their clientele with a program of professional training and education want so much more. Business Glu not only provides a classroom void of annoying distractions, but it also enables users to build a library of training videos specific for their customers.

Here’s how. Sid segregates his video database in Business Glu. For example, he may showcase some of his training videos for potential clients. Other videos may be customized for clients who have purchased specific training. Sid offers packages for those who want to start a business, to grow their business, or to dominate the market. He uses the Business Glu platform to provide business, legal, and marketing strategies so his clients can have more “revenue, more impact, and more freedom.”

Sid’s Plan for Reaching Millions

Business Glu is easy to use. Sid encourages those “creating content and onboarding customers, shooting videos, and adding courses” to use this intuitive technology. This training platform allows instructors to focus on their lessons rather than to struggle with the technology.

Sid calls Business Glu a “no-brainer.” This platform will help Sid Peddinti meet his goal – reaching millions in the next decade to share his business growth strategies.

What is your goal? Business Glu can help you with yours, too.

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