From your Leader Tab in the Users section, click the View Users Details button.

Here you will see the total number of users in your system including new users count, how many devices are registered, and the percentage of your users who have downloaded the app so far.

Beneath that information you will see a complete list view of all users signed up for your system.

You will see your users listed in their respective row with their name, email address, account type, and whether they have downloaded the app.

If they have downloaded the app, the icon in that row will be green. If not, the icon will show as red.

For each user, there are a few icons on their respective row that will provide more information as well:

Eyeball icon:

Click this to see a user's basic details

Graph Icon

Click this to see how many points they have accumulated:

List Icon

Click this to see a list of the trainings the user has access to as well as if they have viewed and/or completed that training.

Trash Can Icon:

This will permanently delete the user.

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