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Will My App be Searchable in the Apple and Google Play Stores?
Will My App be Searchable in the Apple and Google Play Stores?

Building your app version inside the Business Glu mobile app for iOS and Android

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Your personalized and customized app branded with your logo, colorization and content is within Business Glu.

In order to see your app, someone has to download the official Business Glu app, and follow the simple steps to onboard. You'll invite the user using your branded sign up page link, or invite via a webhook.

Once the new user downloads the app and selects their password like magic, they will see your brand and content within the Business Glu app. Your logo, colors and content will be displayed right in your app!

Some leaders feel they need their own app on the app stores, but honestly that would be overkill. Having your own app in the app stores (which will cost you at a bare minimum, $80K - $125K+, plus the continual maintenance, updates and compliance with the app stores).

Not to mention you will need an entire tech stack and accounts for (just to name a few...) EIN, DUNS account number, Apple Developer License, Google Play Developer License, a new server per app, new ESP per app, new Push Service Integration, version control service, Apple merchant, Google Merchant, Customer Support Tool like Intercom, a complete support staff, developers to develop for frontend, backend and mobile app, ongoing maintenance, testing and QA...

And don't forget that content would need to be developed each and every time updates are necessary in the mobile and web app.

Plus, the considerable time to wait for Apple and Google approvals and playing with their ever-changing rules, requirements and screen sizes for UI/UX.

Enter Business Glu. A web and mobile app that is all ready and constantly being improved by our team with new features, carefully maintained and already APPROVED. There's no waiting. No delays. No crazy expenses that go over budget.

It's time to get started. Using Business Glu you'll have your own app to share your content and brand with your audience, followers or team. Plus, there's no hassle with all the other complexities of having to build out your own expensive, time consuming, complicated app on your own.

You can create your leader account with Business Glu today, upload your content and have your app available immediately. Upload, distribute and share your content in a way customers and clients love to consume and engage with.

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