Business Glu gives you the flexibility

First, login to your Business Glu Leader account.

Next, click on Leader on the top navigation.

From the Leader Home click on Settings.

From the Leader Settings page you can easily update the branding and coloring of your Business Glu Leader system. This will update your account, along with all of your users' accounts seeing your branding in their web and mobile app.

To replace the Business Glu logo with your logo, simply click on the picture image above Training.

Next, you'll be prompted to pick a file from your computer or device to upload. It's best to use a high resolution, horizontal logo with a transparent background.

Select the logo file you'd like to use.

To change the colorization for your web and mobile app, use the color picker tool to select your color, or enter the hex color code in the primary and secondary color fields.

Be sure to save your updates by clicking on the UPDATE SETTINGS button.

Now the changes you've made will be saved and update instantly in your web and mobile app, along with your users' apps. The updates will replace the Business Glu logo and coloring so everything is branded to you and you get your own branded link to your branded sign up page.

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