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Integrating Business Glu with Custom Webhook
Integrating Business Glu with Custom Webhook

Learn how to quickly integrate your Business Glu account with a custom webhook

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Integrating your Business Glu Leader account with a custom webhook allows you to invite new users with a post request via a webhook. All Business Glu requires for the route is a valid email to be passed which will send the invitation to your new user by email.

After the email is passed to Business Glu, we will send out a verification email to the new user's email address (this data is passed via the webhook).

The newly invited user will click on the email to verify and will be prompted to create their password. They will have instant access to your branded Business Glu app and content.

By utilizing this integration, we allow leaders the flexibility to match your brand and message. This allows you to decide who you invite to your Business Glu system and mobile app.

Integrating is fast and easy, and doesn’t require any code. Here’s how to get started:

First, Login to Business Glu. Then choose Leader from the top navigation.

Next, click on Invite Users.

You'll land on the Invite Users page. Next,Custom Webhook.

Next, click the clipboard icon to copy the link that is used to invite users.

You'll now need to install this link in to the webhook section in your third-party form. Each provider is different, but you'll need to hunt down where the Webhook section is for your provider.

Once you have determined where the third party form allows you to add the webhook, paste the invite users link you previously copied from Business Glu. Be sure to save or create the webhook, whatever your third party provider requires.

This will be a POST request and should be mapped or sent with name and a valid email which will be used to send the invitation email to your user.

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