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Which Platforms Does Business Glu Integrate With?
Which Platforms Does Business Glu Integrate With?

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Business Glu integrates with Zapier, ClickFunnels and AWeber.

When integrating your Business Glu Leader account with Zapier or ClickFunnels you can quickly invite users to your app. Once integrated, the data will pass to Business Glu and email the new user an invitation to join your Business Glu app. The new user will onboard and have immediate access to your app and content.

The custom option allows you to invite new users with a post request. This is an excellent option for third parties like WordPress or tools that allow you send a post request to the endpoint. All Business Glu requires for the route is a name and valid email to be passed which will send the invitation to your new user by email.

AWeber is an integration with Business Glu that allows you to connect to your existing AWeber account as an autoresponder. Keep your current automations and lists in place with AWeber, and simply connect your Business Glu account in a few simple steps.

Business Glu strives to add integrations that helps empower our community of users. Check back or request a platform by reaching out to our Support Team.

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