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▶️ What is Business Glu?
▶️ What is Business Glu?

A better way of delivering training and messaging with your team, audience and following with the Business Glu mobile and web app

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Deliver training and content to your team or audience – send push notifications, check on progress and gain accountability – all from the palm of your hand with the mobile app. 

Whether you just need to train your team, run challenges, get leads, or sell courses, Business Glu makes it easy to deliver your content 24/7. All delivered via mobile app on Apple and Android with your brand and your content inside.

Remove the reliance on ever-changing social platforms and confusing group chats for communicating. Send your team or audience push notifications that get delivered and that they see on their phones. 

  • A game changer for Facebook Group and Challenge Funnels

  • Bottleneck Buster for Team Trainings

  • Sales boost for anyone selling courses or high-ticket coaching online

  • Revenue driver for social media influencers

Check out this quick video to learn more about Business Glu and Get started today!

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