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How to Connect AWeber with Business Glu as an Autoresponder
How to Connect AWeber with Business Glu as an Autoresponder

Follow these steps to connect AWeber and Business Glu

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Connecting AWeber with Business Glu

Connecting your Business Glu account with AWeber only takes a few simple steps.
Once you have the setup complete, leads coming in to your Business Glu account will also pass to AWeber and be added to the list you created in AWeber.  The bridge is complete when you choose a Page in Business Glu.  Everyone on your AWeber list will then be sent the Page.

NOTE:  You must have an account with AWeber and a list created before you start this setup. If you have your AWeber account and list already created, skip the next section and continue reading.  

How to Create a List in AWeber

In order to integrate AWeber with Business Glu, you will need to create a list.  As indicated here, a list is a "group of subscribers who have given you permission to send them broadcasts (one-time messages and newsletters) or campaigns (automated series of email messages) via email."  Those on the list are "contacts with common interests who want to hear from you."

Log into your AWeber account, and click on Manage Lists at the top of the screen. 

To set up your list, first provide information about your business - the company name, the company website, and the physical address you want to include at the bottom of your email:

Next, provide information about yourself - your name and your email address.  Once the List Setup form is complete, click on Next Step.

The next screen focuses on the details of the list.  First, decide upon a name for the list and then describe it.  In the example below, the listname is Recruits and the description indicates that these new recruits have seen the video.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This description is visible should someone unsubscribe from your list.

Now click on Next Step to Approve Your Confirmation Message.  

Make any revisions needed and then click on Approve Message & Create List.  The list has now been activated and will be listed with other AWeber lists you have set up.

Once the list has been set up, you do have the option to remove the confirmation message so that your list does not have a double opt-in.  Here's how you do that.  Click on List Options and select Confirmation Message Settings.

Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you will see two items under the Confirmation message settings.  Make sure these are turned to Off.

Now your AWeber list is set up, and it's time to connect Business Glu and AWeber.

How to Connect AWeber as an Autoresponder in Business Glu

First log in to your Business Glu account on web or desktop. 

Click on the ACCOUNT button from the top navigation. 

Now your ACCOUNT screen is displayed. Click on AUTORESPONDERS.

Next you will see AWeber, click on CONNECT

You will see this form pop up: 

Enter your AWeber Login Name and Password. Then click on Allow access.  
Once Business Glu is integrated to AWeber, you will see this screen:

Next, you need to connect your list in AWeber with your page in Business Glu.  

Click on Pages from the top navigation.

Select the page you want to connect to AWeber. Click on SET UP.

From the popup, go to the Autoresponder Lists section and use the arrow to select the list you want to send leads to.

Click on UPDATE to save.

Now leads will be sent to your connected list in AWeber. The connection has been made.  Cool beans.

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