If you're new to the WIN app, you'll need to set up an account first: 

  1. First, go to this page

2. Next, start you free trial. Click the Start Free Trial button.
You'll enter your Name, Email and Password you're like to use for your account. 

3. Pick the plan you'd like for the WIN App. There are monthly and annual options. After you enter your card information it will be securely stored, and your account will be created.

Here's how your free trial works: 

  • You'll get a 14 day free trial of the product, and you can start your trial at any time. 

  • Your free trial includes all features for the web and mobile app. 

  • After your free trials ends, your card will be charged for access to the product. 

  • If you cancel in the first 14 days you won't be charged. 

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